My Guest Today is Author Stephanie Churchill

(first published in Two Sides to Every Story 2019) A few factsStephanie Churchill grew  up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and earned a degree in political science and history at a private college in the wilds of Iowa’s cornfields.  After graduating, she worked at a small boutique law firm in Washington, D.C. in the fields of international … Continue reading My Guest Today is Author Stephanie Churchill

Launch: Barbara Spencer’s Carinatae series

INTERVIEW BY M.N. STROH Award-winning author, Barbara Spencer, originally considered herself destined for a life of mediocrity. Instead her venture to the West Indies in 1967 became the precursor to a colourful career spanning three continents, where she found herself caught up in riots, wars, and choosing Miss World. Now, a prolific writer of many genres, including … Continue reading Launch: Barbara Spencer’s Carinatae series

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – #Profiles – Bloggers – Motivators and Inspirers – The Story Reading Ape

Wonderful to meet up with such exciting lives – read on!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Today two more long term supporters of the blog who I believe deserve a special mention. The Story Reading Ape, Chris Graham shares the posts of many of us each week as well as featuring guest writers, post links to all aspects of writing and of course his infamous Monday Funnies that usually star members of his own extended family including Maxine and Aunty Acid…not to be confused with Mary Poppins!!

My literature Hero is Terry Pratchett who, in one of his Science of Discworld books, postulated that Homo Sapiens Sapiens survived all the pitfalls that made other Homo Sapiens species become extinct, by being story telling apes.

If this is the case, then in order to be effective, for every story telling ape there had to be a story listening ape.

I am descended from them, except I read stories instead of listening to them; and author’s are the…

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